About Us

We’re a team of web experts.

At Web Traffic Agents, we have a large team of individuals passionate about the web space. We created this website to help people value their website and potentially sell it. We have partners who we work with to connect sellers with buyers. Whether your website is a business or a hobby, there is a good chance it is worth something. There are people who are interested in all types of websites.

Our valuation tool is a custom tool developed by people who understand the industry. These are however just estimates so we recommend getting a second opinion if you have doubts about the value of your website. Alternatively, you can contact our team and we’ll see if we can help out in other ways.

The valuation tool has been developed over a number of years and refined with changes in the market. It’s mainly focused on websites which act as a business, they bring in their own revenue and therefore are much more valuable to potential buyers.