Instagram Hides Like Counts In Leaked Design Prototype

There are some who share content on Instagram simply because they feel like sharing it with the world. There are many who share content for the likes they get. Let’s get real! Who would say no to getting more likes on Instagram! So, if Instagram chooses to hide the like count, meaning that you cannot see the number of likes a post has got, wouldn’t that be a game changer? The leaked prototype of a new update on Instagram indicates the possibility of Instagram hiding the like count.

When a platform for sharing videos alone could become so popular, one for sharing images could too! We all love to hear or rather view quick stories through pictures. The number of users on Instagram is increasing as we speak. The CIA is now on Instagram for crying out loud! With the usage increasing rapidly, it is no doubt that Instagram is scrutinizing its design in every possible way and fine-tuning it. One of the much hyped about the update in recent times is the news that Instagram might be hiding the ‘likes count’.

There was an announcement that the UK is likely to ban the likes count on Facebook and Instagram and Streaks on snapchat. This came as a proposition to curb the urge in kids and teens to post everything to earn likes.

Jane Manchun Wong is a blogger who has the reputation of uncovering and spotting features before the actual launch of an app or update. Wong released a screenshot of a possible new design update on Instagram where the likes count is not visible to the audience.

What could happen if Instagram hides the ‘likes count’?

  • After all social media platforms should not really encourage ‘herd mentality’. There are many users who like posts simply after seeing a large like count on it. If the new design update becomes a reality after all, then people would only be able to view the likes on their own posts.
  • When the likes count is not visible, users would know that person like their posts because of their genuine interest in them rather than doing what the others did. This would encourage Instagram users to post authentic and honest content that actually boosts user engagement.
  • The audience would still be able to view the followers’ count and comments. These are places where you get to gauge the actual engagement of the users. Therefore the focus shifts to user engagement from visibility alone.
  • For users who give too much weight to the likes count this new design update would come as a fresh perspective. Instagram would become a channel of self-expression rather than merely a platform to earn more hearts. There are users who hide their posts that do not have a large ‘likes count’ from their feeds. This would also not happen if the new users visiting the profile do not get to see the likes count.

On the whole there could be a lot of changes in the interactions that happen and the quality of the posts that come up in Instagram if this feature does come in the update.

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