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A lot of us spend our leisure time watching movies. A few years ago, we would all watch movies in a theatre or buy a DVD or Blu-ray and run it on our deck system. But with the internet taking the reins on our lives, we can easily stream movies on our own personal computers and watch it whatever time of the day or night that we like.

What do we need to stream high-quality movies?

Well, not much.

  1. You need good movie streaming website for one and
  2. A good internet connection.

Whenever people think of streaming movies, the first name that pops in my head is of Solarmovies. This site is extremely famous with a lot of viewers simply because it streams very high-quality content without frequent advertisement interruptions. There is also a wide range of TV shows on the website.

If you are looking to know some of the streaming sites like Solarmovies, you are in the right place. Here is a list of all the alternatives to this awesome movies streaming site.

I have checked SolarMovies a lot of times amidst rumors of it shutting down or not being accessible. It occurred to me that it is a good idea to list out other websites. Sites that are equally as good in order to have a ready reckoner in case of solarmovies does not open in your browser or you are not able to stream movies because of any technical glitch.

The Websites Most Similar To Solarmovie

Every entry on the list has been checked to verify that the link works and only then put here. The alternatives are all high-quality movie streaming sites and have a big fan base.

  1. YesMovies

If there is one site that comes a close second to Solarmovies then it has to be this. YesMovies has in recent years been able to match with the viewership of Solarmovies. Apart from streaming very high-quality content that includes movies and TV shows, it gives a wealth of information on the length of the movies, the year of release and also its IMDB ratings. The streaming is for free and the best part is that there is no registration and sign up required. This means that you have to simply log in and start streaming your favorite movie!

There is a search bar option so that it is easier to search for the content that you are looking to watch. The user interface needs to be specially mentioned here for its simplicity yet ease of use.

  1. BMovies

If you are looking to watch movies and TV shows from around the world in high quality then I would strongly recommend BMovies. There is a big collection of movies as well as TV shows here. Most of the streaming links are connected to third-party sites which makes it a good alternative to SolarMovies. The user interface is great and I would give it a nine on ten.

The only problem on this website is that there is a big influx of advertisement on adult products. Therefore, parental guidance is required in case it is used for family viewing.

  1. YifyMovies

This website once supported torrent. But recently, it has come on its own and has garnered a lot of viewers. One of its unique selling points is that it regularly updates movies. This explains why its viewership is increasing by leaps and bounds.

On offer are not just high-quality movies but also documentaries, family romcoms, stand-up comedy shows, and sci-fi series. The service is touted to be excessively good and what is more! It is completely free.

Viewers can watch movies and TV shows in as much as twenty-five different languages with the facility to add subtitles too. The only downside to this otherwise perfect streaming site is that some of its contents are linked to non-affiliated third party sites leaving it at high risk of copyright infringement.

  1. IOMovies

This website has a lot of premium content. If there are movies that you cannot find in other sites then this is the one that you must try. The site allows you to choose movies and TV shows based on their genre. There is also a search bar option which makes it easier to search for the content.

There is a minimum or no lag in streaming content and that is perhaps what sets this apart from most other sites. There are no irritating advertisements or frequent pop-ups on the screen to ruin the viewing experience. The site requires no account creation and sign up. What more can anyone want?

  1. HULU

Amongst the paid movie streaming websites, the cheapest and the best is Hulu. It is an American website and you will need to have a valid VPN number or a good proxy server to access it in parts of the world other than in the US. The website provides on-demand entertainment but at a very nominal rate.

There are two kinds of packages:

  1. An advertisement based package at the rate of US $ 7.99 per month and
  2. Advertisement free package at US$ 11.99 per month.

The best part about the pay and stream website is that there is never a risk of downloading malware into your system. It is a small price that you pay to make sure that your device is not at risk.

  1. PutLocker

It is believed that PutLocker is among the world’s top 250 streaming websites according to Alexa ratings. It gained a big mileage when its competitor shut down recently. A record 1.5 billion viewers access the website every day. The advertisements are few and in between. Viewers must, however, be wary of clicking on the pop-up advertisements because some of them are not verified.

  1. Netflix

If there has been an alternative to SolarMovies that has done awesomely well, then it has to be Netflix. With 2.6 million viewers in 2018 itself, it is continuously adding more numbers with every passing day. This is one website that we definitely need to watch out for. It has high-quality movies, TV shows, documentaries, and video blogs. However, the viewers cannot download the videos into their computers and other devices.

Netflix is a paid service provider. The three packages are

  • The US $7.99 per month for the basic package
  • The US $ 9 per month for standard pack and
  • The US $11 for accessing premium content.

 Registration and sign up is compulsory and sharing of the subscription can be split up to four subscribers.

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