Vans Announce Harry Potter Inspired Collection

Vans, one of the leading footwear brands, has recently released a teaser announcing its alliance with Harry Potter. This is indeed great news for the Harry Potter fans out there.

“Something magical coming soon”, says their official tweet. The teaser is creating a sensation among the Harry Potter fans already. Shoes, accessories and clothes are some of the products that could be released by the brand according to their website. The theme is Harry Potter inspired. Their website claims that it has collaborated with Harry Potter to reproduce the magic for those Harry Potter witches, wizards and muggles in real life.

The website further suggests that the product line will be based on four houses in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The houses respectively are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The publication of the news in Vans’ website has the names and colors of the four Hogwarts houses which is an indication that it will gratify the needs of supplies based on the Hogwarts houses. Though the release of the products in the market is not yet officially confirmed, grapevine says that the release could be somewhere during this summer.

The four classic Vans sneaker silhouettes which are Sk8-Hi, Era, Authentic and Classi Slip-On will represent one of the each Hogwarts house. Each of these products is unique and stands by the name of the house. The Sk8-Hi will represent the scarlet and gold stripes on the suede and crest of Gryffindor House is fixed on the side. The Ravenclaw collection will essentially have its magical silver and blue in its line and the tongue with the crest on the tongue. Hufflepuff products will be represented in black color with its badger symbol with the house crest and the words HUFFLEPUFF embossed on the forefoot. The Slytherin house design will have its iconic green and black color along with its product finish resembling snakeskin on the tongue. Stepping into the shoes of muggles is going to be a reality soon.

Vans’ recent announcement does not have to excite only the kids, adults can also have a piece of the cake. Vans Harry Potter collection will include apparels and accessories for men and women too.

The news has mixed reactions from the public. While some express their anxiety and excitement regarding the release of the product, many others are concerned about the safety of the money in their pockets. Anyways, Harry Potter fans have to wait some more to feel the excitement in the air. These images have been circulating online like wildfire though there is no official news from the Vans. The Vans have wisely used Instagram feeds to uplift excitement among the public though nothing official is declared yet. However, social media is filled with feeds related to the news.

With Harry Potter books being translated in almost 79 languages around the world, and with its whopping sale of 4.5 billion books worldwide, the products to be released by Vans is going to be a rage in the market.

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